Clinic - Light and Fast Alpinism Part 1 & 2 - Two Day

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Clinic - Light and Fast Alpinism Part 1 & 2 - Two Day


Light and Fast Alpinism 1 & 2

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Clinic Description

Saturday: Fast and light alpinism, in the context of late summer in the Rocky Mountains, means link-ups and alpine traverses. We need to prepare mentally and physically by becoming comfortable moving quickly on moderate terrain, minimizing the use of pro, ropes and fixed belays. Day 1 will climb and descend moderate pitches (up to 5.6) in sticky-rubber approach shoes, utilizing both running and terrain belays as necessary.

Sunday: Day 2 of Light and Fast Alpinism, we’ll attempt a short alpine traverse, using the skills and techniques learned on Day 1, such as: using terrain belays where possible, down climbing moderate terrain, spotting followers vs. belaying, reading terrain, lowering first climber and rappelling; recognizing terrain features to lower and rappel off to save time and gear.