Half Day Morning (10am-1pm) & Half Day Afternoon (2pm-5pm)


Clinic Level = ALL / Max Enrollment = 12

Bailing can be the worst, but having the knowledge and skills to bail with safety and style can make it a bit better. Beginner bailers will often lose a significant amount of their gear or run into sketchy situations along the way down. Experts will lose some gear, yet remain cool and collected the whole time. On this clinic, you will explore multiple options and techniques to problem-solve your way off any route. Topics covered will include: improvised rappelling techniques if you drop your belay device, minimal gear bail anchors, and techniques and considerations for bailing off different routes.

"new" slab climbing

Clinic Level = ALL / Max Enrollment = 12

Slab climbing. Like it or not, the slab climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon is some of the best around. Hone your ability to use friction to your advantage and think good thoughts while climbing these less-than-vertical faces with seemingly no hand or foot holds. This half day clinic will be focuses on teaching you the techniques used by the most skilled slab climbers around, and include plenty of time to practice these skills while climbing on some of Utah’s best granite slabs.


Clinic Level = Intermediate / Max Enrollment = 12

You’ve spent a lot of time climbing at single pitch crags. You now want to go higher and further. Or maybe you’ve been stacking pitches but find the transitions from one to the next confusing or frustrating. Stance/rope management, equipment use, and belaying techniques all contribute to our multi-pitch transitions and efficiency. The more efficient we are, the more enjoyable our climbing can be, and the more pitches we can fit in. This clinic focuses on tips and tricks to help take your climbing further with more fun!


Clinic Level = ALL / Max Enrollment = 12

Bomber, solid, trucker….all terms you might hear people say when referring to their climbing anchor. What does it mean? How do you build a solid anchor for climbing? This clinic discusses fundamental points in climbing anchor construction and applies them to different environments. Learn how to build climbing anchors in a fixed (bolts, etc.), natural (trees, rocks, etc.) and traditional (passive, active, etc.) setting.